Институт теоретической физики им. Л.Д. Ландау РАН
L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS
Landau Days 2021 June, 28-01, 2021 Chernogolovka, Russia

Singularities that control 2D fluid with a free boundary
Date/Time: 13:10 01-Jul-2021
A potential flow of an ideal incompressible fluid with a free surface and infinite depth is considered in the 2D geometry. The fluid dynamics can be fully characterized by the motion of the complex singularities in the analytical continuation of both the conformal mapping and the complex velocity. One of the possible
singularities is the square root cut. We derived the exact equations describing the evolution of this cut along with complex velocity given on its sides. The equations show that in general case surface remains smooth at all times. Analytical results are supported by numerical simulations.


Dyachenko Alexander I. (Presenter)
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