Landau Days 2012
Landau Days 2012
June, 25-27
Chernogolovka, Russia
Burmistrov Igor S.
Affiliations: Landau ITP, Chernogolovka, Russia
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Participating in conferences:
17:00 20-Oct-2019 International conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of I. M. Khalatnikov
"Quantum Fluids, Quantum Field Theory, and Gravity"

(presenter) Mesoscopic Stoner instability in open quantum dots
17:30 25-Jun-2019 Modern Trends in Condensed Matter Physics
(Lev Gor'kov Memorial Conference)
(presenter) Dissipative and Hall viscosity of 2D disordered electron gas
10:00 25-Jun-2013 Landau Days 2013 (presenter) Multifractality at Anderson transitions with Coulomb interaction
16:30 26-Jun-2006 Landau Days 2006 (presenter) Instanton oscillations in two-dimensional electron systems

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