Landau Days 2013
Landau Days 2013
June, 24-26
Chernogolovka, Russia

Multifractality at Anderson transitions with Coulomb interaction
Date/Time: 10:00 25-Jun-2013
In this talk I present our recent results on mesoscopic fluctuations and correlations of the local density of states (LDOS) near localization transition in a disordered interacting electronic system. It is shown that the LDOS multifractality survives in the presence of Coulomb interaction. We calculate the spectrum of multifractal dimensions in 2+\epsilon spatial dimensions and show that it differs from that in the absence of interaction. We demonstrate that our results on the multifractal character of fluctuations and correlations of the LDOS are in qualitative agreement with recent scanning-tunneling-microscopy experiments. The details can be found in I.S. Burmistrov, I.V. Gornyi, A.D. Mirlin, arxiv:1305.2888


Burmistrov Igor S. (Presenter)
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