Landau Days 2015
Landau Days 2015
June, 22-25
Chernogolovka, Russia

Reentrant superconductivity in URhGe
Date/Time: 11:15 25-Jun-2015
The superconductivity in uranium compound URhGe developing deeply inside of a ferromagnetic state most probably belongs to a triplet equal-spin pairing type. At low enough temperatures the magnetic field about 1.3 Tesla directed perpendicular to spontaneous magnetization suppresses the superconducting state, but at much higher field of about 8 Tesla the superconductivity is recreated and exists until the field is about 13 Tesla. In the same field interval the material transfers from ferromagnetic to paramagnetic state by means of the first order type transition.
In the frame of Landau phenomenological theory it is demonstrated that a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of easy magnetization decreases the Curie temperature and at strong enough field the phase transition between anisotropic ferromagnetic and paramagnetic states changes from the second to the first order type. It is shown that magnetic susceptibility corresponding to longitudinal magnetic fluctuations strongly increases in the vicinity of the first order transition stimulating reentrance of the superconducting state. The reentrant superconductivity observed near the first order transition line at temperatures about twice lower than the tricritical point temperature exists both in ferromagnet and in paramagnet states. The critical temperature of transition to the superconducting state falls down at the intersection with the line of ferromagnet-paramagnet phase transition.

Mineev Vladimir P. (Presenter)
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