Институт теоретической физики им. Л.Д. Ландау РАН
L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS
Landau Days 2020
June, 22-25, 2020 Chernogolovka, Russia

Some new results in General Relativity and its modifications
Date/Time: 12:30 24-Jun-2020
We illustrate the recently proposed generalized unimodular gravity using simple examples of the Friedmann, Kantowski-Sachs and Schwarzschild geometries and show that it can be further generalized and reveal some unexpected and interesting effects. We study the solutions of the Einstein equations in the presence of a thick infinite slab with constant energy density. When there is an isotropy in the plane of the slab, we find an explicit exact solution that matches with the Rindler and Weyl-Levi-Civita spacetimes outside the slab. We also show that there are solutions that can be matched with general anisotropic Kasner spacetime outside the slab.


Kamenshchik Alexander Yu. (Presenter)
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