Landau Days 2006
Landau Days 2006
June, 26-28
Chernogolovka, Russia
Korotkevich Alexander O.
Affiliations: University of New Mexico, USA, Landau ITP, Chernogolovka, Russia
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Participating in conferences:
16:30 06-Aug-2014 VII-th International Conference "SOLITONS, COLLAPSES AND TURBULENCE: Achievements, Developments and Perspectives" (SCT-14) in honor of Vladimir Zakharov's 75th birthday (presenter) Waves' instabilities on a discrete grid.
15:30 27-Jun-2011 Landau Days 2011 (presenter) Inverse cascade of surface gravity waves:
12:20 27-Jun-2006 Landau Days 2006 (presenter) Communication through plasma sheets

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