Landau Days 2016
Landau Days 2016
June, 20-22
Chernogolovka, Russia

Compact Equations for Water waves: temporal and spatial
Date/Time: 12:10 21-Jun-2016
We derive very simple compact equations for unidirectional gravity water waves. For such waves, as it is well-known, the coefficient of nontrivial four-wave interaction is identically zero. This fact allows essentially to simplify
the Zakharov equation applying a canonical transformation. Obviously this transformation is not unique. We suggest a specific form of such transformation that allows to derive a remarkably simple form of the Zakharov equation. One can name it as the super compact equation. This equation is very traightforward and includes nonlinear wave term (\`{a} la NLSE) and advection term (may describe pre-breaking wave). Moreover, this equation allows also to derive spatial version of water waves equation which can be used to describe experiments it the flume.

Dyachenko Alexander I. (Presenter)
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Zakharov Vladimir E.
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Kachulin Dmitry Igorevich
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