Landau Days 2016
Landau Days 2016
June, 20-22
Chernogolovka, Russia

Folding of vortex lines in hydrodynamic turbulence: new results
Date/Time: 14:30 20-Jun-2016
Generation of pancake-like high-vorticity
structures in developing hydrodynamic
turbulence is described with a new concept of folding for the
vorticity lines distribution.
Using asymptotic analysis, we establish the universal power law, $\omega_{\max}\propto
\ell^{-2/3}$, between the maximum
vorticity and pancake thickness, which determine, respectively, the dynamical and geometrical scales of the corresponding coherent structure.
Numerical simulation, based on a novel numerical scheme that accesses the Eulerian--Lagrangian mapping for vortex lines evolution, verifies our theoretical conclusions.

Agafontsev Dmitry S.
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Kuznetsov Evgenii A. (Presenter)
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Mailybaev Alexei A
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