Институт теоретической физики им. Л.Д. Ландау РАН
L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS
Landau Days 2022 June, 27-30, 2022 Chernogolovka, Russia

Fundamental scalar field with zero dimension from anomaly cancelations
Date/Time: 10:00 30-Jun-2022
A novel mechanism for dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking and the ensuing appearance of fermion mass terms in the action is proposed. The action contains massless fermions of the SM coupled to gravity through a new type of non-minimal coupling to the vielbein field. The corresponding coupling constants in our approach become zero-dimension scalar fields. Such scalar fields provide the cancellation of the Weyl anomaly according to the recent work by Boyle and Turok.


Zubkov Mikhail (Presenter)
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