Институт теоретической физики им. Л.Д. Ландау РАН
L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics RAS
Landau Days 2017 June, 26-29 Chernogolovka, Russia
Conference Program

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Monday, 26 June
09:30-10:10 Magnon superfluidity in ferromagnetic film
Pokrovsky VL
10:10-10:50 Phase diagram of UCoGe
Mineev VP
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:00 Two-dimensional linear operators with self-consistent potentials
Krichever IM
12:00-12:40 Direct problem for the defocusing NLS equation
Grinevich PG
12:40-15:00 Lunch
15:00-15:40 Hydrodynamics of Onsager's vortex flow
Wiegmann PB
15:40-16:20 Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model as a Liouville quantum mechanics
Kamenev A
16:20-16:50 Coffee break
16:50-17:30 Interaction of spin impurities in helical Luttinger liquid
Yudson VI
17:30-18:10 Electrical and thermal conductivities of Al in liquid two-temperature state
Petrov YuV

Tuesday, 27 June
09:30-10:10 Three-dimensional aggregation of tumor cells driven by chemotaxis
Gamba A
10:10-10:50 Self-tuned non stationary quantum Hall state in a mesa-junction with a sliding charge density wave
Brazovskii SA
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:00 Microscopic theory of spin-orbit and spin-tranfer torques in Rashba ferromagnets and beyond
Titov M
12:00-12:40 Dynamical response of impurities in fermionic cold atoms: what we learn from full counting statistics and Toeplitz determinants
Ivanov DA
12:40-15:00 Lunch
15:00-15:40 Compactification in superstring theory, Calabi-Yau manifolds and N=2 superconformal field theory
Belavin AA
15:40-16:20 TBA
Zakharov VE
16:20-16:50 Coffee break
16:50-17:30 Langmuir wave filamentation in the kinetic regime
Lushnikov PM
17:30-18:10 Intensity statistics in long Raman fiber laser with feedback based on random Rayleigh scatteres
Vergeles SS
18:10-19:10 Poster Session

Wednesday, 28 June
09:30-10:10 "Soft" modes of excitations due to distortions of Abrikosov lattice with one flux quantum per elementary cell
Ovchinnikov YuN
10:10-10:50 Flux creep in strong pinning theory
Geshkenbein VB
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:00 Dissipation of water waves due to breaking
Dyachenko AI
12:00-12:40 Modified Wang-Landau algorithm for direct estimation of density of states with control of accuracy
Shchur LN
12:40-15:00 Lunch
15:00-15:40 The effect of random polarons in granular metals on electron transport
Ioselevich AS
15:40-16:20 Fluctuation superconductivity at arbitrary disorder strength
Skvortsov MA
16:20-16:50 Coffee break
16:50-17:30 Generation of eddy currents by interacting surface waves
Parfenyev VM
17:30-18:10 New approaches to coding information using inverse scattering transform
Gelash AA

Thursday, 29 June
09:30-10:10 New results in cosmology of the early and present Universe
Starobinsky AA
10:10-10:50 Astrophysical and cosmological implications of binary black hole mergings detected by LIGO
Postnov KA
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:00 Spin noise and Zitterbewegung of free carriers in semiconductors
Tarasenko SA
12:00-12:40 The chiral magnetic effect and anomaly-induced transport
Kharzeev D
12:40-15:00 Lunch
15:00-15:40 Low-temperature anomalies in disordered superconducting films near $B_{c2}$
Feigel'man MV
15:40-16:20 Anderson localization on tree-like structures
Tikhonov K
16:20-16:50 Coffee break
16:50-17:30 Transport in a disordered $\nu=2/3$ fractional quantum Hall junction
Protopopov IV
17:30-18:10 Universal scaling of extreme vorticity regions and the structure of the vortex lines representation
Agafontsev DS

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